Best Of…

Enjoy this sampling of some of our greatest hits!

Episode 1 – Heroes

Robert, Greg, and Brian explore the concept of heroes and ask the question: Are there any heroes in the world today? Do you have a hero? If so, who?

Episode 166 – The End

They say that when one door closes another opens. This is true even for our podcast. We have been recording and posting consistently for 166 consecutive weeks without missing a beat. Over 3 years! We want to take a second to thank all of you who have joined us, and tell you all to keep an eye out for our next audio creation. For those of you just finding us, enjoy our archive recordings and dig a little further to find out what we are doing next. Thank you again and enjoy the FINAL episode of The Scheid Show!

Episode 163 – Cats Can’t Swim

We are joined once again by the amazingly talented Bayne Gibby, this time talking about her new children’s book: You Mean The World To Me. (Available where fine books can be purchased: Amazon

Episode 161 – Smoke

The gents of the Scheid Show are delighted to once again share the studio with the ever so talented Emily Maya Mills! On this week’s episode the topics are plenty, but they finally settle on that age old vice: Smoking! Sit back and enjoy this week’s episode of the Scheid Show!

Episode 157 – Frozen

Guest Graham Suorsa makes another appearance on the Scheid Show, this time to talk about an epic journey he took up to the Arctic Circle. You can check out the episode he talks about here: AutoBlog – The List


Episode 149 – Swede

Filmmaker Andy Schlachtenhaufen joins the boys of the Scheid Show to talk about anything that pops up. In this episode, it happens to be Greg…and new play he is in call Terminator Too: Judgement Play. Enjoy! Oh, and go see the play if you are in town: Click

Episode 147 – Quiet the Mind

This week our guest is the esteemed Executive Producer extraordinaire David Friedman (from such shows as Last Call with Carson Daly, The Early Show, The Biggest Loser, and most currently Oh Sit!). Greg breaks down. Brian doesn’t know where he is. Robert struggles to maintain control. David opens his heart and his mind.

Episode 92 – Be Happy

We are visited once again by our good friend Carl Nakamura. This time he shares with us his experience, pre-computers, in the world of creating art. He also tries to convince the boys that it is indeed possible to live a successful life doing what makes you happy.

Episode 47 – Hollywood Legend

Hollywood legend and good friend, Donovan Scott drops by the Scheid Show to talk of his exploits in the world of the web and clear up a few matters regarding first impressions.